Attitudes are the REAL disability.

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We are eager to assist you with finding solutions to your employee needs. We can supply individual employees or small groups of employees to complete special projects. For larger projects we have nearly 10,000 square feet of workshop space for completing routine assembly type tasks at our Marion, South Carolina facility.

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Working for You:
An Employers Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities


Myth: Productivity is lower.
Fact: Productivity of impaired workers has consistently been shown to be equal to or higher than that of unimpaired workers.

Myth: Turnover rate is higher.
Fact: Lower turnover rate is shown by studies, as is greater loyalty.

Myth: Absenteeism is greater.
Fact: Less absenteeism is shown, plus greater punctuality and dependability.

Myth: Higher costs will somehow result.
Fact: Broken down into specific objections, this general expectation is dissipated. Employer costs are often reduced, indeed, through reduced taxes resulting from conversion of disabled tax.

Myth: Physical plant cannot accommodate disabled employees.
Fact: Where this is a factor, it can usually be overcome through appropriate adjustments, with little or no cost to the employer.

Myth: Supervisors and co-workers won’t approve.
Fact: Supervisors and co-workers in studies approve of disabled workers with whom they have worked. Disabled workers are found, in fact, to improve group morale.

Myth: Special considerations will be required.
Fact: Disabled employees generally avoid requests for special treatment.


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